Translation of texts from the oil and gas industry

Due to the fact that the industry and latin to english translator today is developing at a frantic pace, more and more enterprises are purchasing equipment from other countries. Since all this equipment has a voluminous technical documentation in the manufacturer’s language, the demand for technical translation is growing. This also applies to the oil and gas industry, which is actively developing in Russia.

Technical translation in the oil and gas sector is distinguished by its highly specialized terms, in which you need to be well oriented. In addition, it is very important to maintain the strict scientific style inherent in technical texts in Russian. The technical translation of the texts of the oil and gas industry is characterized by short, clear formulations and extensive semantic richness. It happens that the original language contains terms that have no analogue in the translated language. In this case, the descriptive translation method should be used. This method should also be used when translating neologisms. Descriptive translation requires increased attention, study of dictionaries and reference books on the topic in both languages. In some cases, when the meaning of a word is clear intuitively, it is advisable to use transliteration, spelling the word from the original language into the target language.

The grammatical features of the translation of technical texts are in the use of passive, impersonal and indefinitely personal constructions. Established phrases and phrases are also not uncommon in the oil and gas industry, the free translation of which is unacceptable.

When translating technical texts of the oil and gas industry, special attention should be paid to the transfer of the key words in this area “oil” and “gas”. Many languages ​​have several options for translating these words. For example, in English the word “oil” translates as “oil”, “petroleum”, “petrol”, “naphtha”, and “rock-oil”. It is very important to choose the one that is most suitable and then use only that one.