Are you eager to learn French and hindi to english as quickly as possible and put your knowledge into practice? Then you need to clearly understand that not one, even the best French language courses in Minsk, can guarantee you knowledge in the absence of independent practical work on your part. Perhaps one of the most important aspects in learning French is vocabulary. Therefore, once you learn new words, you will need to practice using them more. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to find the right word when speaking or writing French. Not to mention understanding through listening or reading. Some of these aspects of speech and practice exercises during class may seem boring or silly, but the point is to teach you to see, hear and pronounce the words you need to communicate in French everyday.

Say new words out loud
When you come across a new word while reading a book, newspaper, or French class, say it out loud. After all, seeing new words is good, but saying them out loud is even better, because it provides you with practice both speaking and listening to the sound of a new word.

Writing new French words
Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily writing a list of new words japanese to english. You can work on different topics like “kitchen utensils” or “verbs of motion” or just practice the words you still have trouble with. After you write these words down, say them out loud. Then write them again, say them out loud again, and then repeat 5 or 10 times. Once you have done that, look again at the words, say them, you can record them on tape and then listen, this will help you learn to speak French.

Using flash cards
Prepare yourself a set of flashcards for new French words by writing the French words on one side (along with the article for nouns) and translating them into Russian on the other side. Periodically check yourself with these cards. This will allow you to better prepare for classes, learn French by gradually attending French courses in Minsk. Our language training center guarantees you positive results with proper self-study and completion of all homework.